La Forge avg Ansemble



2 cities, 2 languages, 2 instruments - piano/voice - one river, one memory, one soul, one love

Paris, France 2010

Sept 20 - Oct 10

multi disciplinary art installation 2 cities 2 languages 2 instruments (piano voice) 2 rivers - one water - to create a space within the spectator of one memory one soul one time one love


la forge avg (Paris) 

Asia Miasnikoffff (St. Petersburg) 

Elena Barmenrkofff (St. Petersburg)

Max fffff (St. Petersburg) 

David Henry (Paris) Photography

                                      sound  (Paris) 

Tatcho music Jazz piano art


Brian Lola

Patrick Broadway

Valerie Martignac Opera Argentine

choir "Les Souries de Flateurville" (we'll have a full cathedral choir by Sept 20 - one thing for sure, did i spell it right? mice of Flateurville?)

La Forge avg and guests

La Forge @2009